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Lower Limb Exoskeleton Assist Project

Inspiring Young Engineers One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

Cal Poly LLEAP is an EMPOWER Operations team focused on design, manufacturing, and testing of a functional exoskeleton. Over 50 members are committed to using their engineering knowledge to progress the development with the intent of restoring lower-limb function to someone in the community. LLEAP is a large-scale, multi-year, interdisciplinary project that focuses on technical and practical skill development for young and aspiring engineers.

Our Team at a Glance

LLEAP's core values revolve around promoting effective cross-communicative teamwork and cultivating practical life skills. LLEAP features two major subsystems, each consisting of specialized functional groups. This structural team architecture ensures seamless coordination and the ability to address complex challenges adeptly. Our commitment to skill development empowers club members to excel in their roles, contributing to our collective success within the dynamic club environment.

Our Sponsors

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